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Breakup tattoos is a new trend

10 Aug, 2016 22:13:15

Break-up tattoos are not necessarily related to words like 'mourning', 'grief', 'loss', 'melancholy' etc, but mark a new beginning; they can be symbolic of a rebirth and also signify the beauty in change!

Mickey Malani of BodyCanvas Tattoos says, "Break up tattoos, simply, is not done out of choice but by chance. Eventually, everyone moves on or finds their place, but if you have a permanent tattoo that can remind you of a failed relationship, it's not that easy. Infact, it's horrible. That is the reason we say tell our customers to learn and not repeat the same mistake."

People who decide to get inked especially after a breakup, come up with meaningful designs or symbols - tattoos which act as a part of their healing/therapeutic experience. Such tattoos have their own significance to the bearers as they connote sweeping personality changes undergone both internally and externally.

Tattoos done post-breakup, indeed have a probability of being a lifetime reminder of a personal and spiritual development, positivity and strength.