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Men love being in a relationship

20 Nov, 2016 18:44:52

A lot of men, we assume, are afraid of promise. Some people really do and they have their own legit reasons for that but you'd be amazed to know that much against the popular belief, most men actually love being in a relationship. Yes, it happens and here is why!

1. They cherish physical touch

Men love physical relationship. Not just having sex, even a non-sexual touch is something that can make them go much more crazy. Cuddling, embracement from behind, playing with their hair or touching their neck gives them a feeling of being loved. All these actions give them a sense of attachment, passion and care which every guy loves.

2. Loads of having sex

Enough said.

3. A sense of emotional complement

A lot of women would negate this point but men can actually get emotionally engaged in relationships. Once the ice breaks, you will see an adorable little baby cocooned inside that huge muscular body. They usually don't show their emotional side to anyone, but once in a committed relationship, they soon open about anything anytime with their girlfriend without being judged.

4. They have a companionship perpetually

One of the biggest advantages of being a relationship is that you have a companion 24*7. Men often find their game, movie and gossip buddy all in one. This means they won't feel lonely ever.

5. Partner to help organize life (and stuff)

When you think about a guy's room, how do you imagine it? Messy. Untidy. Unorganised. But when they are in a relationship, they have someone to take care of this nasty habit. The work gets divided eventually and they have much less to be concerned about.

6. They love to be cared for

No matter how old men get, they always crave for someone to care for them. Times when they are unwell, have had a nasty tiff with their bosses or are generally feeling blue, men love it when women are able to immediately pull them out of their morbid mood.

7. Someone to depend on for honest opinions

Who doesn't like honesty? No matter how cold one looks from outside, an honest conversation can win anyone's heart. A girlfriend is someone you can count on for honest suggestions, be it for a new haircut, a pair of skinny jeans or even any formal discussion.