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Banani Hotel rape

Authorities of the Raintree hotel now demand justice

16 May, 2017 17:08:00

Authorities of the Raintree hotel, the upscale hotel in Banani where two girls were raped a few days ago, have also demanded exemplary punishment of the "rapists".


Under public outrage over allegations of siding with the rapists and attempting to cover up the incident, the hotel authorities arranged a presser in the capital today.



Four representatives of the hotel, including its Managing Director Shah Adnan Harun, who is the son of Jhalakhathi lawmaker BH Harun, were present during press conference.

Reza Golam Mostafa, general manager of Raintree hotel’s financier company Humaira Group, pronounced a written statement. They did not care for any question quoted by reporters.


In the meantime, internet users have voted down the hotel that opened in April. After the incident, the online rating of The Raintree Dhaka stood at 1.1 out of 5, which was 4.6 before.


Raintree maintains ‘no complaint’ that night


During the press conference, Raintree authorities maintained that there were no complaints of rape during the night of the rape incident, despite the victim’s repeated claim of otherwise.


“The rape victims did not bring any allegation of harassment that night,” said Golam Mostafa, who read out the written statement brought forth by the Raintree hotel.


Victims reportedly said, they repeatedly pleaded for mercy and the hotel employees refused any help. The hotel authorities, in this regard, said their rooms are soundproof – a defence that was repeated today.


“We never said that no rape incident took place at two rooms in the hotel on the night of March 28, but this never meant that we denied,” he said. “The case is now being investigated and it will be proved in the trial.”


Regarding deleting the CCTV camera footage, Golam Mostafa said: “We follow an international rule… deleting any footage that is over 30 days old.”



The hotel has already come under the radar of customs intelligence, which found Tk 8 lakh VAT graft into Raintree’s account in the lone month of its valid operation in April.