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A little dog with broken spine gets a wheelchair

Online Desk:A little dachshund found abandoned in trash bag with a broken spine in Philadelphia last month is Details

Most expensive house of the US contains a cinema hall

Online Desk:A newly-built Bel Air mansion has been listed for sale for $250 million in the US, making Details

Baboons make five vowel-like sounds like humans

Health Desk: Human speech is thought to have come about relatively recently, within the last 70,000 to 100,000 Details

Google Doodle celebrates New Year

Online Desk: Google doodle observed the new year by dropping balloons as the clock strikes 12. Last night, the Details

Hero dog dies after saving family from four cobras

A hero dog died after saving his owner’s family from four cobras.The doberman stood his ground, killing the Details

Mother can’t remember how many babies she have killed!

Andrea Goeppner, 45, was charged with four of the murders after the babies’ remains were found wrapped in Details

Hundreds of dangerous spiders released in UK!

Around 400 fen raft spider the largest of the nation’s 660 species of spider – have been deliberately Details