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100 Moneys coins is coming ‍soon!

Indian market is going to come new one hundred penny coins. The Central Finance Ministry of India has issued a directive on this issue on Monday. These new coins will be Details

UNESCO objects large-scale infrastructural dev near Sunderbans

UNESCO, the World Heritage Committee, has urged the government to make confirmed that any large-scale industrial and/or infrastructure developments will not be allowed to build before a strategic environmental impact Details

DU student killed in landslide

A Dhaka University (DU) student was killed and two others were wounded in a landslide in Himchhari fountain, 5 km off the beach town of Cox's Bazar, on Saturday afternoon, Details

Some people to work through the night to keep 12-metre beached humpback whale alive

Volunteers will work through the night to help a 12-metre long humpback whale stay alive until high tide on Saturday morning.   The gigantic whale has been stranded for more than Details

Killing wife man uncontrollably sobs and falls to the floor of a police station

A NSW man accused of killing his wife allegedly sobbed on the floor of a police station as he claimed to the officers, his wife died after jumping on a Details

Prime Minister enjoys the beauty of Cox’s Bazar Inani sea beach

It is not a everyday photo of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.  Inaugurating an aesthetic 80-km marine drive in Cox’s Bazar, prime minister Sheikh Hasina on Saturday said it will unlock Details

Patient is very glad after being allowed to play games on her cellphone during operation

Doctors in China seem to have found a new way to help reduce their patients' anxiety: to let them play on their phones.   Ms Zhu, a 69-year-old patient, was too nervous Details

13 year hell for Chinese man after traditional practice

Online Desk:A desperate Chinese man has disclosed how he has spent the past 13 years living with a gigantic tumor in his neck. After wounding himself at work, Wang Zhixiang resorted Details

The tortoise chases a ball around the room like a dog

Online Desk:An adorable pet tortoise has been filmed chasing a ball around the room like a puppy. The cute Details

The secrets of why people like to eat chocolate

Health Desk:It may seem simple - we like chocolate because it tastes nice. But there's more to it Details

A plant in your garden that eats mosquitoes!

Having a moneyplant or a cactus in your verandah is so predictable. More and more plant lovers are Details

6 myths you probably don’t know about an aquarium

Online Desk: Keeping fish in aquariums is a hobby which is quite common. People are often very apprehensive Details

Women’s view about 'selfie paradox'

Online Desk: Researchers found that many people regularly take selfies, but most people are not keen in viewing Details

Successful operation to remove the extra appendages

Online Desk: A baby born with four legs and two penises has had a successful operation to remove Details

10 effective ways to propose to a girl

Online Desk:It's Propose Day and time to pop the question to the girl of your dreams! Though being Details

A little dog with broken spine gets a wheelchair

Online Desk:A little dachshund found abandoned in trash bag with a broken spine in Philadelphia last month is Details

Most expensive house of the US contains a cinema hall

Online Desk:A newly-built Bel Air mansion has been listed for sale for $250 million in the US, making Details

Baboons make five vowel-like sounds like humans

Health Desk: Human speech is thought to have come about relatively recently, within the last 70,000 to 100,000 Details

Google Doodle celebrates New Year

Online Desk: Google doodle observed the new year by dropping balloons as the clock strikes 12. Last night, the Details

Hero dog dies after saving family from four cobras

A hero dog died after saving his owner’s family from four cobras.The doberman stood his ground, killing the Details