News influences on people  

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After the creation of the world, people spread out through globalization. But they became connected with each other through media and news. Though the world is divided into many parts with different names, more than six billion inhabitants attached through the high-tech media and share their news as they are living in one village. Now in21stcentury, we can easily get to know what is happening around the world by newspapers or television broadcast news. That news showed us how the world is developing, how culture is changing, how people’s views are changing, interchange of manpower and also most importantly the women power and rights in the society.

As people are more civilized than before, every morning they take their tea with holding a newspaper in their other hand as a part of their civilized life. Newspapers are also designed with various news including fashion, sports, movies, different kinds of ad and crime. People are influenced by that news and it affects their behavior. Sometimes those affection forced them to do wrong things. Newspapers and magazines are developing the color their pages by printing many ads. Sometimes people are being encouraged by seeing these. Samantha Romo stated that advertising companies sexualize and objectify women, using them to sell products, thus teaching women are just objects. At this point I want to mention the Delhi rape incident in 2012 December and its influence on our country.

On 16th December 2012 a 23-year-old female physiotherapy intern, Jyoti Singh Pandey was beaten and gang raped in a private bus in which she was traveling with a male friend, Awindra Pratap Pandey. When this news was published, some psychopath in our country took the news passionately. Just after the next day of this horror incident, in Dhaka some people raped a female garment worker in a bus while the bus was returning from Gazipur. Media might be flashed the news to create awareness among people. But very few of them took the positive side of this. A very common and old dialogue I want to include here that when British came to rule our country, they taught us both negative and positive side of any subject. But the Bengali people were influenced only by the negative side. This is actually a biggest problem for us.

Following the Delhi incident when people went for protest and were fighting for women rights, shouting for justice; then in our country people were doing the same mistakes. I am not sure, but they might be taking the incident as their idol which they followed. Not only was that time, after the incident rape case and female harassments in Bangladesh are increasing. The most interesting thing is, as it is said that Eve was created by Adam’s bone, so in our society females are always seen as a part of male. They have no priority of their own as a human being. Because of this reason, when a rapist asked why he has done this? They proudly answer that the girl was characterless. The girl should stay at home but she was outside of her home. Female harassment was in our society from the beginning. But before we did not care that much or we did not know about those. But when media started to publish the news, our concern and incident both are increasing. Before when any girl raped or harassed, they could not share it with anyone, even with her family. But now as they all are connected via media, they are not tolerating this anymore. If the rapist is influenced by the only negative portion of any news, females are influenced by the protest against harassment and about the positive portion of that same news.

Most of the public’s problem is they do not want to hear or to face the truth. So when anyone raises their voice, they are killed or exiled. For example, Taslima Nasrin or Humayun Azad. Both are writers. Both explore the truth behind any news by their writing. But Humayun Azad killed and books of Taslima Nasrin are banned. When any news organization or media published any news, then there would be three groups who read the news. One group read the news and supports the news. Another group will protest the news and the third group of people will never react. They always keep neutral. For example, when the Delhi rape case published, some people said that either the victim was characterless or she would not been out at night. She deserved to be punished like this way. But another group said that women have equal rights as a man. So people who harassed women and do not think them more than a flesh, they must punish roughly. Here I do not want to mention the third group’s reaction anymore. But when this reaction later published later as news than people also influenced by the reaction as they react about the news. Just one and half year later in our country while all the Bangladeshis were celebrating their own culture including female, they were harassed critically. And that time the hassled was not only for one or two girls. More than twenty girl and women hassled at the same time, in same place. And this horrible incident was explained by claiming the girls in the same way the first group reacted about the Delhi incident. Following this occurrence I want to mention that media and news are not only giving us information and connecting us at one line but also affect public opinion and influencing people to create violence.

News media may stay on a major news story for weeks or months. Stories that grab attention on social media may do so within hours of their first appearance on the blogosphere, and be gone just as quickly. But the influence of that news may affect a person for a very long period. People use the media in their everyday lives to communicate with one another and to stay advanced on what is happening in the world. Without media people would not be able to communicate with one another as quickly and easily as they can with it. The media can have negative effects on the way people view themselves and how people behave. Newspapers or magazines just broadcast news to give us information about what is happening around us or truly sometimes to run over their business. For their publicity they never mind publishing wrong information. May be they are aware about the society but they forget to think about the readers reaction. The media has both positive and negative effects on society. So it depends on us how we are accepting news or if we permit the influence of news in our life.

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